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What exactly happened during the FNCS GRAND FINALS in Middle East… 3 letters: SPY !

FNCS Grand Finals

After weeks of anticipation and several qualifying events, we finally had a chance to witness the FNCS solo grand finals for the middle east region. We knew that we were about to witness a finals of epic proportions just by looking at the list of participants and their records over the last few weeks. Luckily we were not disappointed and the players gave it everything they got and after 6 tight games Spy was crowned as the Middle east champion.


Even though all the players gave it everything and fought till the last second, Players from SAQR and ASMR stood out and stole the spotlight from everyone else. Game one was won by none other than everyone’s favorite cash cup warrior Spy who snatched the game from his teammate Phantom leaving the third place for Modisk from SAQR.

Phantom takes over

Game two showed why ASMR are one of the best teams in the regions, and why Phantom has so many eyes on him (including Cazasouq’s CEO) after he dominated and took the win to push himself to first ahead of his teammate, leaving third place for Modisk and the fifth for Adapter from The Ultimates after he gained some momentum by placing second in the game.

SAQR strikes back

After two wins from two different ASMR players, SAQR Esports had enough or at least Modisk did. The third game was his time to shine and nothing will be able to stand between him and winning. He took a deserved first place after getting 7 kills and spiced things up at the top again before his teammate Hellonsteam won game four with six eliminations to his name.

Change of scenery

Game five was the game where everyone started fighting back against ASMR and SAQR After a four game domination by players from those two teams. This resulted in a win for Spark Saud in which he got 7 kills and managed to keep previous winners like Modisk at bay and push himself into the top seven which now has every winner from every game in it.

10 Kills!!

Game six was very tense and all eyes were on the top five players, but after Phantom got eliminated it was obvious that Spy was our champion. The surprise however came from 2912 Loser (who was anything but that) after he got 10 kills and took home the victory.

After all was said and done we would like to congratulate Spy for this win and team ASMR for taking a deserved 1-2 on the leader-board. If this finals showed anything, it is that SAQR vs ASMR will be a fun rivalry to watch in the coming tournaments and that many new talents are breaking through the scene with each competition.

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