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The FNCS Middle East final was a very intense battle that gave us new champions for the region. Congratulations to: I4xPRO, vagnaR11, and Dexefite.

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  • The FNCS Middle East final was a very intense battle that gave us new champions for the region. Congratulations to: I4xPRO, vagnaR11, and Dexefite.

There is nothing better to watch in the world of esports than a close grand final, and once again the middle east delivered when it comes to that. After the dust was settled, we were greeted with three new champions in the form of I4xPRO, vagnaR11, and Dexefite. However this win was not an easy feat to achieve because so many things happened during the last two days of the final, and we had to wait until the last second of the last game to figure out the champions of our region.

Spy and destiny

Before the beginning of day one, not many people were expecting the trio of Spy, Tobi and Nasir to be on the top, but that is exactly what they did. They dominated game one and showed everyone they were not messing around. They kept this form going into games two and three to secure a top three finish in both of them along with the most number of eliminations in each. This form made everyone wonder if Spy will become the first ever two time FNCS back to back champion, and if the player will leave ASMR esports with his biggest achievement ever.

However that was not the case, and teams started to catch up to the point where Spy and his teammates were not even capable of getting into the top 10. As for the lead, well it was not exclusive to any team and we found ourselves with six different winners when everything was said and done. This situation meant that Spy and his buddies will finish the day on top after their spectacular performance in the first three games.They finished with 116 points ahead of teams like PHOENIX LOZER595, KO Aziz, ASMR Metab and Sudor KuKi, Phoenix Mev, Wiz EpikNyle and ASMR vagnaR, TU I4xPRO, TU Dexefite.

Two Teams, One championship

Can you be a champion without winning a single game? This was a theory that the team of Mev, Kuki and Nyle were testing. Mev is no stranger to FNCS finals, after winning one in december last year and proving how good he is when it comes to working with partners, he is looking for a second one and becoming the first ever two time FNCS champion. In order to win, this team relied on consistency instead of wins as they kept finishing in the top, and ended the tournament with the best average placement across all 50 teams.

The only problem with this strategy is that they will lose the precious extra points that are given to the team that scores the victory royale, and if a tie is reached, then they will lose to any team with victory royales. This problem led to an intense battle between them and Vagnar, I4xPRO, and Dexefite. This team was one of the two teams that were able to score more than one victory, and kept showing up when it mattered the most. After a long battle between the two teams, they finished the tournament tied at 202 points which meant that team Vagnar are the new FNCS champions of fortnite.

This result meant that The Ultimates will have two new champions in their roster, and ASMR will remain on top of the charts too but under a new label. This will also be the last tournament for Spy under the ASMR banner, and at the end of this edition of FNCS. However, after what we saw today from everyone, we can not wait until the next FNCS.

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