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ME Server Showcase: Interview #1 with SAQR Pratz

Before we start the interview, we wanted to just briefly talk about this series of interviews and to acknowledge a few names mentioned in this article for their accomplishments in the scene. This series of interviews, aims at trying to shed  some light behind the main names in the Fortnite ME server… Not necessary just players, but also founders, managers, and organizers . As they all, with their contributions are shaping the future of the ME server on the competitive scene. The World Cup is still far away, but we must be ready, our resources must be ready, and our server must be ready, showcasing players on a global platform is necessary for global recognition, and we hope with this series, and soon with our new website that features Team profiles and player sections, we will do just that! With that said, we need to really acknowledge the work of people like Alvi, Dvlzstation, Pratz, Team Saqr, and so many more on the work they have done, and I only mentioned these names, as they are the ones we talk to the most in the below interview… However, we will be doing more articles about others like Power, ASMR and so many more who have done an incredible job as well!  

NOW for the Interview… 

You can’t say the word Scrims in the Middle East server without automatically thinking of Pratz… Coined as the king of scrims, he was one of the first names we heard when we first launched our website, and we thought we really needed to get in touch. He is responsible for most if not all the Production and Organization of some of the biggest tournaments out there. One part because of his experience, another part because of his partnerships with major global platforms and the last part because of his friends and connections who helped him along the way, friends who he respects and talks about quite positively during the interview.

Before talking to him, I really thought him and his Co-founder for Unity Scrims (Now known as Saqr Scrims) have been doing this for YEARS… But not really, and this is what blew my mind, how in a short period of time, combined with determination, passion for the game and good ethics, he was able to gain such an excellent reputation in the scene.

So without further ado… Presenting our first of many interviews part of our ME Server Showcases Series, a series of text and video interviews, we give you an inside look into SAQR PRATZ.

FNME: Pratz! The myth, the legend, finally we have you here on Twitter, thank you so much for agreeing to do this! First of all, Ramadan Kareem! And to jump right into it, Question 1: we want to know who is Pratz! When did you start the game, what are your hobbies… Just a small brief Praztoruction (or introduction lol) — (Minus your full name and address since we don’t want you to get swatted tomorrow!)

Pratz: So first of all, I’m from India. And I started playing this game back in Season 2 with one of my irl friend. At that time Servers were in Japan so majority of us who plays on the Middle Eastern server now used to get 150 Ping at that time. And I was on Ps4 btw lol. A few seasons later Fortnite Released “SEA” as a sub region & I always loved Competitive Fortnite. Fast-forward to when World cup Week 1 started, I was going to switch to PC in April 2019 and I really didn’t anyone in the Indian Pc Community and I had an idea to start a Customs Server for the Indian Community, So I reached out to my Co-Founder Pain, he was in 1TAP at that time. 1TAP was one of the best clans in India at that time so that’s the reason I decided to reach Pain and talk to him about my Idea. He liked it. We started working on it and named the Server “IFC” (Indian Fortnite Competitive), We had TONS OF ISSUES, Players knew the struggle at that time, I won’t go in depth about that. Somehow we managed it smoothly & Many tried to compete with us, but we managed to figure things out and stay at the top. Then in July or August 2019 Fortnite announced Middle East servers, We knew we should re-brand and make the server open to everyone instead of Indians/other neighboring countries. We Re-branded to ” Unity Scrims ” and here we are now.

FNME: Ok this is great! So you guys are living proof that within a short period of time and determination you can reach the unreachable! Your answer just covered my second question which was how did you get started with UnityScrims (Now known as Saqr Scrims)
which should bounce us right into Question 3!

Question 3: talk to us about your initiative with Alvi with the new Streamer customs discord … What is it exactly ?

Pratz: First of all Shout out to Alvi, you know he was running his discord and many players thought he was trying to compete with us, but Alvi wasn’t. I know Alvi, and he has been supporting us since the start. Alvi came to me with an Initiative and an Idea of “Streamer Customs” Where every big streamer who wants to host Sub-Customs or Customs with Viewers, they can host through us. We will provide them our staff and other things, and they will have full control over the decision-making. This way we will be working together and there will be no conflicts.

FNME: That’s an excellent initiative, we will catch up with you on that in a few months once it gains more traction! However, we do appreciate anyone in the region trying to push content creation, which we think, requires more streamers. Especially during big events like the FNCS. Big shout out to Alvi!

Question 4&5: You are the ME server representative for WLS and is the person to get in touch when organizing a tournament. Talk to us about it, what are your services here? How can people get in-touch? And how did you do this incredible partnership!

Question 5: One thing we noticed during big events, commentators ask you to switch players! What’s up with that haha are you up in the battle bus looking down or what!

Pratz: So I hope you know who Tpk1g (god bless his soul) is. He was the one who got in touch with War Legends and trusted me with it. Unfortunately, He couldn’t see what I’ve accomplished because of him and I’ll always be thankful to him. The partnership happened only because of the hard work I’ve done for this community.

Answer to Question – 5, So Basically we have a Production team who is handling the switching players etc, They are not really aware of pros in this region, so I’m sitting with them in a call organizing, listening to the caster & instructing them all at once for the best experience.

FNME: Note from editor: I did not know who Tpk1g was, and after a bit of research during the interview, I realized he had passed away, I was heartbroken, even when I did not know who he was… Losing someone so young is just unfair. Also, just to clarify, we are new on the ME scene — the whole concept of our website was created during Ovid lock-down, and we hope to take it further and meet and understand everyone more… In real life we are (My wife And I + some friends from Discord) event organizers and digital marketers with over 15 years of experience in social and digital technologies, and we hope to bring that experience to this industry! So excuse our ignorance 🙂

Pratz: I’ll tell you few things about Tpk1g, back in November 2019 Many Arabs were not aware of Unity Scrims because they had their own discord called “MPL” (Mena Pro league) And Tpk was one of the most respected person in the Arabic Community and used to handle events. I approached Tpk & Unit to collaborate with Unity Scrims in an effort to bring this community together and work together. They both accepted because they both wanted the best for the community. I wouldn’t be here without Tpk. The respect I got in the Arab Community is all because of tpk

FNME: Aww that’s amazing bless his soul ya rab!الله يرحمو
going back to the questions and may rest in peace!

Question 6: How did you guys get acquired by SAQR, how did it happen? Are you happy with the transition?

Pratz: So I worked with Team SAQR on a tournament before this, The Tournament was SAQR Skirmish. I got to know the majority of the board through this event and I could see their incredible vision they have for their team and the community.
I realized I’ve done everything alone but there is a certain limit, you can’t do everything/ every project alone. To complete the vision I had for this community and Saqr scrims, I needed someone to support me. Team SAQR was more than happy to do it & I have 0 regrets, I’ll always be thankful to them. Also, Before getting acquired, I’m so thankful to one more person, Dvlzstation. Tpk got me in touch with Dvlzstation. Dvlzstation owns a brand called “Cazasouq” as well. I did so many tournaments with him, and he always supported my Ideas. He is also one of the reasons why I’m here today. I’ll always be thankful to Alaa.

FNME: Yes, we are watching SAQR closely and see how much good they are doing in the short period of time they have been around!! Can imagine they will have an insane future in this industry.

Question 7: Any top secret plans you want to share with us, an exclusive maybe ? (it’s OK if not, we just like to ask anyway haha)

Question 8: DO YOU STILL PLAY! If so! What is your favorite mode and have you been cranking or does organizing take up much of your time?

Pratz: I still love this game and competitive, But I only play creative now because I don’t have the time to give this game for competitive because of many ongoing projects — We really don’t have any top secret plans, The latest we are going to host is a Charity Event for victims affected by CoronaVirus, Its powered by SAFEISKSA & gamers without borders. You can check their tweets related to that.

FNME: Yes we wrote about them yesterday! KSA is quite next level when it comes to gaming!

Question 9: What advice would you like to give to up & coming organizers and players who are looking to crack into the event hosting world?

Pratz: I really don’t have any advice to be really honest, All I did was work and work because I loved it. I never started it for profits or an investment or anything. It was for the community and I never expected anything in return, I just got opportunities and I took them.

FNME: So your advice is to really work hard and love what you are doing no matter what!

Question 10: Is that really your picture on Twitter? Haha I Know a lot of people are asking for it!

Pratz: Yeah it is, I recently did a face reveal

FNME: Lol the internet demanded and you gave them what they wanted hahaa well good to see you then! Still, young! Which means inshalla a long future ahead!

And last question! Did you check out the articles on our website, and do you like what we are doing? If you had one advice to give us, what would it be ?

Pratz: Yes I did check articles, I actually liked your idea as well because its unique

I would say keep working on it, you will get the recognition you deserve soon

FNME: Pratz, Thank you for your time! Keep it up, and we wish you nothing but the best!

So, that’s all folks, I hope the interview was entertaining to read as it was to write, we will be hosting more interviews whether in form of Q&A or even Video and streamed… From organizers, to teams and pro players, we hope to get to showcase as much as we possibly can.

Until then, stay tuned to FortniteMiddleEast.com 🙂  

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