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Infinity Scrims announce access to War Legend System.

It’s always exciting waking up and finding a new press release submission. This really gives us hope that we are indeed a platform that players and organizers can depend on to relay their latest news. 

When it comes to scrims servers in the Middle East, you can’t help but think either about Saqr or Infinity. Well the latter has some great news for all you event organizers. 

War Legend System is a platform that provides event organizers with a points and ladder system that is updated quite quickly and often is used in most if not all non-epic organized events. 

It’s advantage is that it taps directly into the replay file and it parses the data incoming to display within WLS and allows for point and placement customization. This makes it easier for organizers to plan events differently with their desired number of points.  

Now coming to Infinity Scrims having access to this, previously in the Middle East, Pratz from Unity/ now known as SAQR scrims were the only entity that had access to this tool. It is a powerful tool that can allow scrims servers to monetize and offer tournament organizers the help they need to run competitive events. 

According to the Press Release, the Infinity boys are now OPEN For business, they are offering organizers in the Middle East the chance to help manage, organize and promote their events directly on the Infinity Discord server for certain prices that they claim are affordable. In addition to that, organizers can also opt in for Infinity to manage the event on the Organizer’s discord, with packages that do not include branding placements. 

A full team at Infinity is being utilized for this new service offering. That team will work hand in hand with organizers from the start of the plan to the very end. They will also offer production as an additional service, which means, for an extra fee, you are able to get your event casted with Spectate Mode, similar to WC & FNCS. An important element if organizers want to stream their events as it provides an action packed view with direct view of players or a birds eye high ground view of the end game.

Prices do vary depending on the format of event and the duration. 

On a personal note, we support both Infinity & Saqr for their initiatives in the region, bringing world class tools, that give our region an edge and open room for more events that engage and entertain our players and viewers. We think competition is healthy for an industry to thrive, and hope to see more events now pop out that can keep us all entertained. 

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