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How WASP Esports signed one of the best players in NA EAST.

It was after 1AM here in Dubai, and I refreshed my twitter one last time before going to bed, and there it was… WASP Esports announces 2 major signings. First one was on-boarding Creed from NA EAST, a prominent 22 year old talent scout,  who has previously worked with top international organizations such as  NRGgg and RaisedByKingsGG then a bombshell of an announcement, where they announced the signing of one of the best and most upcoming players in NA EAST, the young Crimz. 

Now, in case you haven’t heard of Crimz, let me just elaborate a bit before going into the details of the deal and how it all came together… Crimz is a 4x FNCS Grand finalist, in one of the sweatiest regions in Fortnite, and has qualified as a duo to the highly coveted Fortnite World Cup, and ranked 17th alongside Spadess his DUO at the finals in New York. 

But Crimz cemented his determination and presence within the community after his World Cup appearance, playing with the mechanical genius and wager warrior, Clix. They played various FNCS games up until Chapter 2 Season 1 of Fortnite. 

Crimz, is young, but his father in one of his tweet posts, describes him as a prodigy, and he truly is one, still at the very start of his career, Crimz, has only scratched the surface of what he is capable of as a competitive player, him being signed by a major org, was just a matter of time and patience… 

We spoke about WASP Esports already not too long ago, an organization that values underrated players, who are about to explode. And nowhere during my interview with WASP, did they even hint of this major signing. WASP’s vision was simple, they don’t want to over spend, they don’t want to give false promises, and they have a clear objective in mind to become the best in the world, while giving players the chance to focus on their competitive play and content. 

So, naturally at around 4AM, I reached out to Denver from WASP and told him to sleep well, because the next morning, we had to get on a call to give me all the details. 

The deal, when it happened and how it happened: 

WASP told me that they started plans into an NA EAST expansion just right after FNCS Duo Grand finals. The team’s management started reaching out to players and sending out offers, however they found little or no interest from players in NA EAST to sign up with a Middle Eastern entity. And if they showed interest, they asked for a ton of money. Some even were discouraged by one top tier player who had 0 ties with the Middle East, that encouraged them not to make any deals outside their region. WASP are known to select strategically their players, so they needed that same approach in NAE. They knew that they needed representation in the region, them, alone approaching players, was not working… And this was the spark of genius. They started conversations with Creed, an excellent talent scout, connected to some of the biggest players in NA, and previously worked with top tier organizations. Creed’s connections and reputation is key for a cross region expansion. 

The conversation with Creed was great, he believed in their mission, researched and asked about WASP, he even reached out to ex-ME player Sane for a vouch on the organization… And 10 minutes later, creed was on-board. He saw the potential and vision WASP Esport had and he thought he could add value with his presence, representing them in NAE. 

Right after that, Creed reached out to Crimz, and explained the vision he and WASP had for the expansion, Crimz at that time had offers from other organizations as well. However, he was looking for something different. And something different was exactly what Creed & WASP had in mind.

Being an accomplished player in a competitive region such as NAE was a feat of its own, however, becoming the main signing and figure representing a cross market expansion of a team from the Middle East, is where Crimz deserves the respect. Crimz is now representing an upcoming region that was only exposed to competitive events with the release of a Middle Eastern server, this is huge. But this isn’t the first time it happens in the ME. SAQR had already 2 major players with Parpy in OCE and Niesen in EU. 

Now, back to the deal, after Creed reached out to Crimz and ironing out the details of the agreement and the financials, the boys got on a discord chat with the WASP management for the contract negotiation and an introduction to the WASP team. Crimz and his team discussed all the changes needed in the contract, and within 3-5 days the deal was finalized and literally signed on the day of the announcement. (prior to the announcement) 

It is worth mentioning Crimz’s father, active on twitter and an OG gamer himself, was an incredible part of the negotiations and an integral support system to Crimz and his efforts in gaming. He is quite vocal on twitter and was quick to respond to NAE players wondering online who is WASP and why was this decision made. 

Effect on the ME Region and Future Plans. 

I’ve said many times, and I’ll say it again, this was HUGE. This is HUGE. The ME server teams have now representation in 3 major regions, with plans to go full on across the globe. This is a true testament of the resilience and determination of our ME teams, and shows how much the region, it’s players and organizations are growing and how fast they are in dominating the E-sports industry, not just locally, but internationally. 

When I asked WASP, what were their plans following this signing, they responded that they are just getting started, they know that the ME Server players at this stage, are mostly signed, and they are not looking at poaching from other teams, expanding the ME team at this stage is not an option, they want a healthy growth and have to focus their efforts on supporting their existing players, developing content and creating a long term fanbase. 

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