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“Gamers without Borders” KSA Taking online gaming to the next level!

A couple of days ago, Power Esports‘ very own nowe9r (نويصر) announced on his Twitter, an incredible initiative, that we really felt compelled to talk about it. 

But as usual, with our articles, we go a bit back and give you a small background… Starting with nowe9r, whom you all know, and I started seeing more often on ShongXbong’s subscriber sound alert, a picture of him, a hilarious meme. The two are always bantering, and it was really fun to watch them commentate on the Shong Tourney. 

And then, finding out a few weeks ago, how much the KSA is into gaming in general, having an actual official federation and organization managing the efforts of gaming the kingdom, called SAFEIS KSA (Short for: SAUDI ARABIAN FEDERATION FOR ELECTRONIC & INTELLECTUAL SPORTS)

This is every gamer dream, to have his passion recognized by the government and we applaud the efforts made by the KSA government.

NOW! Moving into their brand new initiative: لاعبون بلا حدود – من السعودية or Gamers without Borders: Giving away  over 10 Million USD$ to help gith COVID 18 (YES 10 MILLION) and too push the stay at home initiative and provide entertainment to all those that are staying in and keeping safe. Players will also walk away with over 2M USD$ ! 

The event will end on June 7th 2020, and to tell you more about it, check out the video at the end of the article (In arabic) As for our English speaking audience, below is what Gamers Without Borders: 

“Charitable prizes up to $ 10 million. A united community in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gamers without Borders that the Kingdom offers is the largest championship in the world of electronic sport. It takes place over 7 weeks. Elite players will unite and compete for the title set of spirited tournaments in various popular games. The winners will present their prize money to one of the 12 global charities leading the campaign to combat the spread of the Corona virus.

Players from all over the world can join the event and compete in one of the many community tournaments that offer a set of prizes to the winners daily and weekly.

Everyone can also donate via the platform (Players Without Borders) to these charitable organizations that support the protagonists of the global epidemic.” -Source: https://www.gamerswithoutborders.com/index_ar.html

We really do hope, more countries get inspired by such initiatives, and more goverments in the Middle East get more involved in Electronic Sports. 

Until then, goodluck to all!! 

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