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Everything you need to know about Pancake & Souriano’s SAQR Elite Scrims

It was very clear that I had to write about this from the minute I saw the announcement… 

Two of the best players in the Middle East, teamed up with the leading scrims server in the Middle East, giving birth to the new home for the ELITEs of the Middle East… 

Did I say the Middle East enough? YES MIDDLE EAST. Because there is a point behind this, and during my conversation with the general manager of IHOP, the king of breakfast, that delicious pastry, mister Pancake, I realized how his and Souriano’s goals were aligned to prepare the region and it’s players for the World Cup stage of Fortnite in 2021. 

And it all starts with the SAQR Elite Scrims managed by Pancake Souriano

Our first question was, how did this whole thing come together? 

Pancake told me that ever since the ME Server was first announced, and even before that, the scrims scene was horrible for him and many others, it had zone rules and restrictions, which made it hard to enjoy practice or real play. Pancake really wanted to bring the Middle East to an international circuit, and building a PRO Cord was the way…  He then reached out to various NA EAST players with advice on how to properly manage a cord. And the solution was to get real pros as the driving force behind it, this is how the Discord will have credibility and will be taken more seriously by other like-minded players.His next mission was then to reach out to Pratz, who was fully onboard, and in turn Pratz brought with him the infamous SAQR brand. 

The plan started coming together, all the boys needed now, was one person to make it complete… What about literally the #1 player with achievements and competitive points in the Middle East? 

In comes, SOURIANO. 

It wasn’t hard getting Souriano on board, his vision was aligned with Pancake and Pratz, he wants more players in the Middle East to practice better and in an excellent environment, he is the leading force within the Middle East community, and he LOVES to practise. so it only made sense for him to want to be part of this. 

The Plan? 

It will all come together and launch once SEASON 3 is live, the reason for this was to determine the Fortnite calendar and timings, this is very important since season 3 will come with a bunch of cash cups + FNCS games, and the boys from the ELITE Scrims are going to build a schedule around these official games and make sure players have enough time to compete, practice, sleep and repeat. 

SAQR Elite Scrims will have strict rules, not giving way to Wkeys, griefs and inactive players. Those who break these rules, will be instantly removed and will not participate in the cord. 

Access to SAQR Elite Scrims? 

So obviously, my last question to Pancake was that I had 500 points in Arena, can I join? 

… He disconnected 

Jokes aside, he assured me that there was no specific way or mechanic set for joining the server at first, him and Souriano will be looking for players that are worthy of an invitation, players that grind every day and take competitive gaming seriously. They will be watching players who compete, new names that appear on the top of the gamepedia page, and players who are popping off in events and constantly placing. It’s very important to understand that for this Discord server to be special, and maintain a serious environment, IT CANNOT HAVE too many members. It will be exclusive, and those who joined, would have earned it. Thus, the name ELITE. 

While it may sound “egotistical” Pancake says, it is the only and right way to have a scrims environment that truly caters to the best players and prepares them to take on the GLOBAL competitive world of Fortnite. 

So to conclude our conversation, Pancake reiterated in assuring me, that the main objective is to get players ready for WC 2021. And ELIE SCRIMS is an essential tool for that. And in the end, the more players from ME we see at the WORLD CUP, the more Epic Games & The whole international community will take us more seriously. 

Until then, everyone who wants to join SAQR ELITE SCRIMS, all you need to do is GRIND HARD and PLAY HARD! 

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