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Barq’s Coach TonyPro SOLO FNCS Guide book

This is a guideline on how to play the FNCS Solos. What I am about to take you through is a helpful guide that is based various levels of gameplay. Many Tier 1 players fail to follow these steps which often, result in a bad performance. A more advanced guideline will require much more time and analysis.

Disclaimer: This is an optimized guideline, which does not and will not guarantee 100% success, use it at your own discretion.

1. Jumping out of the bus At this stage, you need to have full vision on where other players are landing. Whether it is South, North, West or East. Having full vision helps you determine where and how fast you should loot. It is also helpful if you look at players who are landing close to your location, this will make your rotation later on, much easier.

2. Off-spawn: You need to make sure that you have the right tools to survive the off-spawn. What exactly would you need to make it out alive? Here are some of the items you should have before getting into a fight: AR, Tac/Pump, SMG, minimum 500 mats and shield (preferably with spare ones as well) and then, let your skill win you the early fight. If you are dying 2/3 times with the above-mentioned loot, it means you must practice your fighting skills.

3. Off-spawn/early game: At this stage, many players fail due to small mistakes resulting in early knock-out. The first question that you need to ask yourself is: How many players landed here? If the answer is more than 2, then your plan must be to ONLY third party the fight, do not give the third player an opportunity to use that plan against you! If incase, you land and there is only one player around, then fight patiently if the zone is on your side, if the zone is far away, then make sure you finish the fight quickly and swiftly. And finally, whenever you land and there is no one around, do not be happy about it, you are going to miss out on some early points, a morality boost and no storm surge damage.

4. Mid-game: At this point your only concern is to get into the zone (if you already have storm damage and doing well on mats). A majority of players tend to fight at this stage, if you are one of them, make sure to not build-fight someone even if they crank up! Try to always box-fight, incase you are wondering why… Box-fights prevent a third-party player from interfering, a build-fight means more players can see and therefore will probably damage you with Heavy or AR tags. If you realize you are getting into fights every single game at the mid-game stage, then your rotations are not that good, find another route!

5. Late-game: This is where you shine, and outperform, since you have been practicing customs with rules since season 6-7. However, some players are still miserably failing at it at this stage! A vital mistake here (gathered from what I have seen from VOD reviews) is that players tend to overbuild! Try to spare as many mats as possible whenever you can! Many players also play a super passive approach when they get “gifted zone” (it’s when fifth/sixth zone pulls towards you). If that is the case, make sure to maximize the outcome of that gift!

BUT What does that mean Tony? It simply means do not sit in the cone at all times, scared of the heavy sniper dropping your wall and allowing a player to get in your box! If you are afraid of that, you will not win!

Your focus should be on the players that are trying to enter the zone, this is where you apply extra pressure, and possibly get a kill! DO NOT fight others in safe zone, you are basically giving those outside the zone a free rotation! When the sixth/seventh zone pulls away from you, try to always move as early as possible (if you don’t have a launch pad), when you do get ahead, make sure to take shots at players behind you, since they are focusing on tarping, that extra pressure from you will make them loose and get you a kill. Finally. DO NOT only tarp, try to find a window for a possible kill!


I know the hardest part in solos is your mentality, however, keeping a good mentality is key for winning (applies most likely to anything in life). If you die off-spawn 4 out of 10 games, it is still OK since you can only play 6 full games! We are human after all; we are supposed to fail, and we will fail, as this is the only way to learn and become a better player! A good way of keeping a good mentality is when you die to a stupid mistake, make sure to do something you like, it could be anything, from watching a YouTube video to talking to someone that makes you laugh (for at least 3min). Another thing to remember is to ask yourself, what could be the worst-case scenario? You lose the tournament? So what?! you’ve got plenty more in the future!


I did not mention any rotation guidelines with extended explanation, as that would require picture and much more…

Sincerely yours,
BarQ Coach Tonyprox

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