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An insight into DvLZStaTioN: The man behind the #FortniteMiddleEast Hashtag!

Some of you know him as DvLZStaTioN from youtube while others have participated in the tournaments he has been organizing recently through Cazasouq Esports. We are talking here about Alaa the famous youtuber and business owner of Cazasouq who works (and still is working) on giving the Middle East Fortnite scene the best experience possible. Recently we had the privilege of conducting an interview to learn more about himself, Cazasouq, his involvement in the Fortnite ME scene and his opinion about the game.

Answering the call of duty

Like every hardcore gamer out there, Alaa was a gamer for as long as he can remember, but his life as a content creator started in 2011 when he became the go-to guy when it comes to any kind of information on the call of duty franchise. This happened after he noticed the lack of well known Arabic channels when it came to that game in particular which was gaining a lot of popularity in the region because of the classical modern warfare, but for some reason was not getting the Arabic coverage it deserved. 

The birth of Cazasouq and its purpose

Good quality gaming products are often a result of a long cycle which starts with the manufacturers until it reaches the local seller, and each part of this cycle adds its own costs which affects the price of the final product. That is unless you went for Cazasouq, a store that was built around the concept of cutting as many steps from this chain as possible while not sacrificing the final product which is why their prices are cheaper than most stores out there.

As for the esport organisation, well Cazasouq was well known for sponsoring teams and players and now they are taking things to the next level with organising tournaments and their social media presence and the new cups are just the beginning.

Now you would think that managing a company and a youtube channel while playing would be a hard task, but Alaa is an expert at time management therefore he never worries about these things.

Alaa and Fortnite

Alaa might be one of the main reasons that led to the servers being implemented in our region. Before the servers were implemented in august 2019, he was working behind the scenes to find a way to contact epic games, and he was successful in his pursuit and was able to meet them at gamescom 2018 which led to the creation of the famous #fortnitemiddleeastservers hashtag where players and youtubers in the region were able to pressure epic into considering and eventually implementing the servers.

But why support the fortnite scene and not some other game? Well Alaa knows what it feels like to want a competitive scene and tournaments but not getting one, so he does not want the same fate for the current fortnite player base which is arguably the biggest in the world right now.

The future of the game

Even though the time he spends on the game right now (2 hours) is much less than before (6-10 hours), Alaa does not think that the game is dying any time soon and estimates that the game will remain on top for 2 more years. As for who’s the best right now, his answer was Spy and Souriano for the middle east with Phantom being the rising star. On a worldwide scale he considers Benjy, Scoped, Savage and Clix as the best right now.

Alaa has big plans for the future and some of them include fortnite but his main goal is to spread the DEVO brand across every house in the middle east. We wish him and the tournaments he creates the best of luck because the success of such events will attract epic’s attention and will probably convince them to put more effort into this region.

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