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A rare glimpse into the legend known as ASMR SPY.

If you’re a fortnite fan in the MENA region then you are definitely familiar with the name Spy. Not a cup or championship passes by without him at least being in the top 10 through his exceptional reflexes and skills which are top tier level to say the least. Spy is one of the main parts of a solid ASMR team that alongside Tobi, has kept the region on its toes in every competition. What you might not know, is that in addition to his career as a player, Spy is thriving in the managerial side of the esports business and we had the chance to discuss the different aspects of his game and esports life in an interview that we conducted recently with him.

The beginnings

Spy joined the gaming world in 2009, a year that FPS players know so well because of the release of the infamous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However his competitive career didn’t kick in until 2012. As for his Fortnite pro life well that had to wait until the release of the battle royal mode which happened 5 years later in 2017.

Just like most of us, Spy didn’t get enough support from his folks in the beginning of his career since esports was not a big topic back then. But after joining ASMR and seeing his success things have changed for the better and they embraced the pro in him.

Life with ASMR

Spy started with ASMR as a pro player, and as the good results started coming in he offered to take on a managerial role in the team in which he promised (and later delivered) to recruit the best talent out there for the team. However even though he is really good at it, Spy will not deny that balancing a managerial and a player’s career is a hard task and that the prior is definitely affecting the latter. But he is trying his best to find the best of both worlds and hopefully with time he will find the optimal balance to excel in both.

Are there any future plans and surprises that the manager is keeping? Well yes but no. Right now there is no project or plan in motion in the team ,but Spy has an idea and he is waiting for the right time to reveal to the team and the world.

The current state of the region and pros

Even though some people might be critical of the general atmosphere on the middle east fortnite server, however Spy thinks that the atmosphere is similar on all the servers out there and he has hope that it will improve over time if the players focused on improving their individual skills and ignoring the problems and the toxicity out there.

The best out there

As a veteran of the scene and a man with keen eye for talent, Spy is definitely someone you could ask about his favorite players in the game, and when asked about this he chose Naser from Power Esports as the best ME player right now and Kiryache32 from Virtus Pro as the best in the world.

With his exceptional skills on Apollo’s island, and sharp eye for talent. Spy might be the player manager that every organization dreams of, and it is only a matter of time before he leads a squad of his own to international glory.

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