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4 Things Epic Games can do for the Middle East

As we enter the joyride update phase, no one can deny that fortnite as a game changed alot since the inaugural with some changes to the better and others to the worse. What can’t be denied also is the fact that fortnite is a worldwide phenomenon, and not a game that is popular in one part of the planet while being dead in the other. Therefore it would seem unfair that some regions have a much better environment to play their favourite game in while others struggle for representation and connectivity so here are a few things that epic can do to make life better for the players of the middle east.

Acknowledging the best

Bugha, MrSavage, Mongraal and many more get their own tournaments with unique and interesting format because they established a name for themselves in the community so why won’t the ME region get its own player based tournament for its established players like souriano and spy and many others. The prize pool doesn’t have to be breathtaking or anything, but acknowledging the top players of the region will give them worldwide recognition and improve their self esteem while pushing more players to try and reach similar status.

Since writing this articles, it has been clear that Fortnite finally created a cup dedicated to a player in the region, a great improvement and a source of pride to the region. Power Shong Cup has been scheduled on August 10th 2020. We do hope Epic Games has more in store for the ME, and not just cups in the names of Content Creators, but also Cups in the names of our insanely talented competitive players. 

High quality tournaments

When the best of EU and NA will be battling it out in DreamHack’s new tournaments, ME players will probably be sitting there watching them on twitch which is harsh to say the least. The last few months proved that the region has the infrastructure to organize worldwide events. This was proven through gamers without borders, the new R6S league, and the Intel Arabian Cup for League of Legends. Therefore we hope epic can look at these tournaments and organize something on a similar scale that is separate from the FNCS in order to embrace the competitiveness of the ME players.

Higher prize pools

If you are a player from ME who survived bugs, connectivity issues and cheaters and somehow came out as the winner of the FNCS qualifiers, you will be rewarded with 620$. Which is okay until you compare it with the 5000$ the EU winner gets and start questioning if your hard work was worth it or not. Even though the finals will award you with 10K dollars your fellow EU winner will get 8 times what you get. We are not saying that they don’t deserve it because they are probably the best out there, but at least give the ME a push and give them 20 or 30k in the finals to motivate the players.

SEA & SA Servers

You might ask what Fortnite ME has to do with SEA. Ever since their servers are gone our fellow players from south east asia have been suffering in ME for as long as they can remember, and in the spirit of fair play and good competition we hope that epic would look into this and help this part of their fan-base with their struggles.

Even though this article is mostly us asking for quality of life improvements that a company as big as epic can pull off with time, but we have to give them credit for listening to ME players and changing the FNCS qualifiers so that the players can enjoy Eid Al Adha and hopefully this region keeps growing in a healthy way for the better.

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